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Grow Container With LED Lighting 20FT

  • Grow container (20FT) with LED

  • Including 5KW battery, 300W solar and Q400 control system (4 LED panels) and water supply system

  • Not shipping, installation, service included

  • For more information, please contact Foreseeson Green sales team



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Grow Container With LED Lighting 20FT


Grow container is a complete farming system delivered in a standard shipping container. Unlike typical containerized farming, the grow container expands to 3X the farming capacity. This increased capacity is achieved by providing pre-fab growing structures that snap together around the shipping container. The secure shipping container houses the vital infrastructure and supplies to run your farm, while the external growing structure is optimized for the growing environment. The external structures can easily be assembled by two people. The pre-fab modular design minimizes shipping costs while maximizing yield.


Monitoring System
Lighting monitoring
Temperature monitoring

· Up to 3X growing space of a conventional containerized grow system and easy scaleability

· Can be assembled with only two people

· Irrigation, environmental controls, and electrical systems are pre-wired and pre-configured

· Integrated shelving system eliminates complex electrical wiring and irrigation lines

· Insulated growing structure is ideal for extreme environmental conditions

· Advance controls and monitoring allows for unattended operations

· Shipping container houses all complex infrastructure in one secure location

· Shipping container provides ample storage for growing supplies and propagation tables once exterior infrastructure has been assembled

· Growing capacity of over 6000 heads of lettuce per crop cycle (capacity of other vegetables dependent on the variety)

· Integrated LED lighting system for high-efficiency

· Innovative climate management system

· Power wash friendly, all electrical & lighting is IP66 rated in the grow area

· Runs on 60 HZ with either 120 or 240 volts

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