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LED Lighting For Grow 400W

  • Mechanical construction: 1’x4′ aluminum LED panels
  • Electrical specifications: 110-220 VAC input voltage
  • Light panels: 12 lbs each/ power control unit: 10 lbs
  • 5 year warranty
  • 100,000+ hour life



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LED Lighting For Grow 400W

SKU: F-GC-Q400

The Q400 allows the spectral content to be adjusted throughout the growth cycle. It consists of 4 low profile light panels and one power control unit. White view light included on each panel for better visual monitoring of crop. May be used in vertically stacked orientation of four or more layers of grow trays and Q400 fixtures. Each panel can replace four 40W fluorescent T5 tubes in a 2×4 grow bed, giving growers up to 50% energy savings.

Mechanical Construction
Four 1’x4’ aluminum LED panels and one aluminum power control unit. Fan cooling.

Electrical Specifications
110-220VAC input voltage with a 10’ cord and 3-prong plug.

The fixture utilizes LED engin, high-power LEDs. Each LED is surface mounted onto QuantoTech metal clad boards and is protected against dust particle and water intrusion.
QuantoTech’s specialty optical design ensures that the great majority of the light emitted is contained, within the 120° beam angle, on the grow surface.

Light panels: 12 lbs. each
Power control unit: 10 lbs.

White powder coating on light panels and power control unit.

Testing And Compliance
5 year warranty
100,000 hour life to L70


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