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Solar Module 1200W

  • Controller Max DC 24V/40A
  • Including the mounting kits



SKU: F-Solar-VSD1200 Category:


Solar Module 1200W (Solar Module 300Wx4)

SKU: F-Solar-VSD1200

Green Energy Solution has been committed to providing greener, cleaner, and more intelligent renewable energy solutions. It is focusing on the new energy market and the development of customized and high-efficiency products.

  • PID-free
  • World class mono efficiency
  • Tighter product performance distribution and current sorting reduces the mismatch power loss in system operation
  • Positive tolerance offer
  • Good temperature coefficient enables higher output in high temperature regions
  • Excellent performance under low light conditions
  • Certified for salt/ammonia corrosion resistance
  • Load certificates: wind to 2400Pa and snow to 5400Pa


Use the solar and protect the environment in an effective, smart, efficient, energy-saving and emission-reduction way. A set of 1KW PV systems, which can generate 1150KWh a year (Hanoi distinct), accounts for only 8 square meters of effective area. 25-year linear guarantee of the solar cell gives you more with easy and simple use.

System Structure: The system consists of crystal silicon battery module, support system, direct current sink, inverter, grid-connected distribution box and bi-directional electric meter.
Advantages: No noise, no pollution, no influence on the home power supply environment, and there is a certain shade and heat insulation effect.

Energy features: It can be used spontaneously in the daytime, and it can be endlessly sold to the power grid. It can effectively reduce the usage of high price and peak electricity, and save electricity bills.

Service characteristics: The design of the system is modular, there is no frequent replacement of vulnerable parts and maintenance is simple.


Electrical Characteristics At Standard Test Conditions(STC)
Module Type VSUN320-60M-BW VSUN315-60M-BW VSUN310-60M-BW VSUN305-60M-BW VSUN300-60M-BW
Maximum Power – Pmax (W) 320 315 310 305 300
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc (V) 40.4 40.2 40.1 39.9 39.8
Short Circuit Current – Isc (A) 10.03 9.95 9.87 9.72 9.6
Maximum Power Voltage – Vmpp (V) 33 32.8 32.6 32.4 32.2
Maximum Power Current – Impp (A) 9.7 9.61 9.52 9.42 9.31
Module Efficiency 19.71% 19.40% 19.09% 18.79% 18.48%
Standard Test Conditions (STC): irradiance 1,000 W/m²; AM 1,5; module temperature 25°C. Tolerance of Pmpp: 0~+3%. 
Measuring uncertainty of power: ±3%.
Electrical Characteristics At Normal Operating Cell Temperature(NOCT)
Module Type VSUN320-60M-BW VSUN315-60M-BW VSUN310-60M-BW VSUN305-60M-BW VSUN300-60M-BW
Maximum Power – Pmax (W) 237.4 233.7 230.3 226.8 223
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc (V) 37.3 37.2 37.1 36.9 36.8
Short Circuit Current – Isc (A) 8.1 8.04 7.98 7.86 7.76
Maximum Power Voltage – Vmpp (V) 31 30.8 30.6 30.5 30.4
Maximum Power Current – Impp (A) 7.66 7.59 7.52 7.42 7.33
Normal Operating Cell Temperature( (NOCT) : irradiance 800W/m2; wind speed 1 m/s ; cell temperature 45℃; ambient temperature 20℃. 
Measuring uncertainty of power: ±3%.
Temperature Characteristics  Maximum Ratings
NOCT  45℃(±2℃)  Maximum System Voltage [V]  1000
Voltage Temperature Coefficient  -0.29%/K  Series Fuse Rating [A]  20
Current Temperature Coefficient  +0.05%/K  
Power Temperature Coefficient  -0.39%/K
Material Characteristics
Dimensions  1640×990×35mm (L×W×H)
Weight  18.3kg
Frame  Black anodized aluminum profile
Front Glass  White toughened safety glass, 3.2 mm
Cell Encapsulation  EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate)
Back Glass  Composite film
Cells  6×10 pieces monocrystalline solar cells series strings (156.75mm×156.75mm)
Junction Box  Rated current≧13A, IP≧67, TUV&UL
Cable&Connector  Length 900 mm, 1×4 mm2, compatible with MC4
Packaging System Design
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1680×1110×1120mm  Temperature Range  -40 °C to + 85 °C
Container 20′  360 Withstanding Hail Maximum diameter of 25 mm with impact
Container 40′ 840 840   speed of 23 m/s
Container 40’HC  910 Maximum Surface Load  5,400 Pa
    Application class  class A
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