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Wind Turbine 300W

  • Controller (DC 12V/24V/10A)
  • Mounting kit on flat roof (Not pole)



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Wind Turbine 300W

SKU: F-WT-300

  • Excellent wind direction adaptability: fit to install at urban area such as roof of mansion.
  • Completely silent: no noisy problem.


General Information
Rated Wind Speed 13.5 m/s Rated Power 300W
Cut-In Wind Speed <3 m Rated Speed 835 rpm
Survival Wind Speed 60 m/s(3 seconde gust) Cut-Out Wind Speed 15.5 m/s
Rotor Diameter 1.24m Rotor Height 1.06m
Mast Height(Not Included) 4m Total Height 5.06m
Total Weight 25.5 Kgs (Mast not included)  
Rotor Specification
External Darrieus 3 Blades    
Internal Savonius 2 Layers    
Material of Blades Anodized Aluminum    
Material of Axis Galvanized Steel SS400/Anodized Aluminum    
Generator Specification
Generator Type AC, 3 Phase, Synchronism PMG    
Rated Output 300W    
Braking System
Automatic Braking Over speed short circuit braking system    
Manual Braking 3-phase short circuit by NFB brake    
Operation Environment
Generator Temperature -20~40°C    
Controller Temperature -10~40°C    
Ambient Humidity 95% max.    
Special Notes

Information and specification are subject to change without notice!

The information provided is based on the use of our standard 4m mast, please consult your local certified engineer if you are going to install with the mast higher than 4m.

Please follow your local regulations to install the DS-300 at proper location. Always consult your local certified civil engineer or structural engineer if you are planning to install the DS-300 on top of the roof.

“All trade names, marks and logos used here belong to the proper owners.”
“The Specification and Terms/Conditions of the products and services could be changed from time to time. The Buyer should reconfirm the Specification and Terms/Conditions before the purchasing.”
“All documents should be used only for Reference for the business, not for any other purpose.”


Battery Parameter
rated battery voltage 12V / 24V self adaptation
Wind Turbine Input Parameter
Rated Wind turbine power 300W/12V grade 600W/24V grade
Wind turbine max. rev limit 750 rpm (DS300)
Rated Wind turbine input max. current limit 15A
PV Input Parameter
:Rated PV input current 15A
Rated PV input voltage <=50V
Withdrawing power method buck PWM function
User O/P
output numbers 2 outputs (individual control)
Rated output current 14A (each)
Display mode Liquid crystal display
Communication mode TTL232
Controller size (L*W*H) 175mm*148mm *84mm
Weight 1.8KG
  • Information and specification are subject to change without notice!
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